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About me and my kennel




Kennel Soft Soul is a small hobby kennel. 


At first I started breeding labradors and then golden retrievers- but as my first and last labrador died already some years ago,

I'm at the moment breeding only goldens.

Hopefully in the future I will also breed labradors again as well!

My aim is to breed dual purpos retrievers- beautiful goldens with excellent working skills.

Labradors and golden retrievers are gun dogs, they are very active dogs who needs a lot of movement, care and attention.

The most important for me in breeding is the temperament of a dog. I only make litter if I would like to keep a puppy for

me to keep my breeding line. Every litter is very well thought-out and carefully planned. Our puppies are born and rised in our house.

My kennel is very small and I don't breed a lot. Usually we have only one or maybe two litters per year.

I enjoy dog shows, field and forest work but mostly I love just to walk my dogs in forest and go near the sea .... this is what me and my dogs love the most.

I'm getting more and more interested also about therapy dogs and I try to breed goldens, who can also work as qualified therapy dogs and help people.


I have now three goldens at home - Sammy (father), Emma (his daughter) and also young male Simba.

I also have some dogs in co-ownership just to keep my lines and continue breeding.

And I prefer not to keep too many dogs at home, to have enough time and attention for each of them.

I hope you like my homepage and you will also fall in love to goldens!

- Always breeding with love, care and passion -

Mari-Liis Rihkrand & Soft Soul goldens

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